You know how horrible the winter can be on your skin.  The constant cold and wind blowing against it.  Next to know humidity in the air whatsoever.  And we all know how incredibly moisturizing that indoor heating is, right?

Keeping your skin radiant and plush in the middle of snow season can be challenging to say the least.  Most people struggle to find that perfect solution to an ever changing circumstance.  One minute the product is perfect but the next it’s too greasy.  One minute it absorbs and the next it just sits there.

What if you had constant control over these aspects?  

Ever Young’s 100% Organic Argan Oil can be the solution you have been looking for.  Mix it with your conditioners, lotions and shaving creams, or use it straight up for other purposes.  A few of our insider tips on helping you get through the winter without turning into a dried out mess:


  1. Cuticle Cure.  We all know how dried out our hands get in winter.  By applying a tiny amount at night to your hands, the chances of cracked knuckles and crumbling cuticles decreases dramatically.
  2. Lotion Subsidy.  If your favorite extra light lotion is simply too light for a few months out of the year, just drip in a bit of argan oil into your palms or the container to give it the extra healing juice it needs when its 10 degrees outside.
  3. Save Your Shave.  Argan oil can be the perfect remedy when shaving has left your skin feeling great for a moment, but not so great the minute you get outdoors.  Simply drop some in your hands and apply evenly and sparingly.


If you hate what the winter does to your skin, we highly recommend giving our 100% Organic Argan Oil a try.  Its Fair Trade regulated, completely natural and a life saver in the harsh elements.  

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