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Argan oil is best known in western society for its spectacular effects on all hair types and scalp health. The same properties that make our oil excellent for skin give radiant results for damaged, dry, porous, and frizzy hair. Ideal for color treated, or regularly styled or straightened hair, it repairs damage & prevents UV exposure, protecting your investment & extending the time between visits to your stylist.

  • Odorless Argan Oil 1.0 oz.


    Rich in Vitamin E and fatty acids, Argan oil will help moisturize your dry skin and leave it feeling silky smooth, condition your hair and leave it shiny, manageable and frizz free, and when applied on the nails will help prevent nail breakage and soften cuticles while adding to the nail strength. Filtered to remove it’s natural nutty scent, our Odorless Argan Oil  is the perfect moisturizer for your whole body, giving you a healthy and young look.



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  • Shampoo with 100% Organic Argan Oil

    Formulated with 100% Organic Argan Oil, provides protection from damage caused by chemicals and high heat. Gives your hair lasting softness, shine, and reduces frizz.


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