Any product you purchase from Ever Young helps women’s cooperatives in Morocco better provide for their families, enables education for children and literacy for adults, and enriches economies in agricultural villages. This post will explain the process that empowers Moroccan women with your purchase.


Morocco on a world map.

Morocco is the only place Argan trees grow and the native home of this plant are some the most arid areas of Morocco. The deep roots of the tree bind soil together during floods and prevent desert encroachment. Often the areas where argan trees flourish support little to no other plant life, making them central to the ecosystem and the economy of the people who live there.

map of argan tree growth

The natural scarcity and importance of the argan tree has pushed Morocco, with help from the European union, to put a unique system in place in order to protect the vitality of Argania spinosa and its ecosystem from degradation. The women from the regions native to Argan trees have organized into cooperatives to harvest and process the hard nut the trees provide. Creating the oil that is so highly sought after, without the harm of industrial cultivation.


Women next to Argan Tree

Currently 2.2 million people in argan producing regions are supported by the production of its oil. It is difficult to imagine that a simple business model could have such a positive impact on so many lives. But with this system of women-run co-ops, the people most in touch with the needs of their community are empowered to act with the fiscal resources they need. The education of children and adults, improvements to infrastructure, and programs to improve the lives of the workers themselves. Many often choosing to pursue education in business and technology to further the efforts of their cooperative.

This model has seen so much success, other countries have taken note of this potential alternative to simply donating money to impoverished areas. Allowing the capabilities of indigenous people to sustain an economy infuses villages with pride and hope. Opportunities to advance within their local economy keeps young and ambitious people from trickling away to city centers in search of work and helps maintain traditional family bonds and ways of life.

Ever Young Argan Oil Products


Our CEO meeting with our business partners in Morocco.

Our CEO meeting with our business partners in Morocco.

We at Ever Young have had the pleasure of directly meeting the people who cultivate our product. In the beautiful country of Morocco, we were invited to inspect each step of the organic production process and see the plants that have supported the region. The use of Fair Trade policy ensures that workers are paid what their labor is truly worth, and sustains the positive growth the region has achieved. We have continued our business with the same cooperative that we began with and will continue to as we provide the best in Organic Argan Oil products to our customers. Mindfully procured and produced to achieve the most ecologically and economically beneficial and effective argan products.